South of the tracks: U of M seeks improved path between campuses

“A big part of our focus is to channel economic development south of the tracks along Highland,’’ said Cody Fletcher, development officer for the University District and executive director of the University Neighborhoods Development Corp.

Money from the two-year-old Highland Strip Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district – tax revenue generated by newer projects, with the money earmarked for public infrastructure inside the district – will first be used to build things like crosswalks and medians north of the tracks. But over time more attention and money is to shift to the south.

Daily Memphian - October 4, 2018


University District Set To Begin 1st Phase Of TIF Fund Improvements

It’s been about two years since the Highland Strip TIF was first created by local development officials to improve public infrastructure in the area surrounding the University of Memphis.

But, since a TIF, or tax increment financing, funds work by allocating a portion of new property taxes generated by a development over period of time, it’s taken some time for the money from new developments along the Strip to add up.

Now with the necessary funds in place, the first public enhancements from the Highland Strip TIF are scheduled to begin soon at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Walker Street.

The Daily News - August 17, 2018


Helping Hands

“Our mission and our goal with (Work Local) is to provide both opportunities for the homeless population and to beautify the streets of the University District,” UNDC executive director Cody Fletcher said. “We have eight different neighborhoods that cover our geographic area, including the campus and the Highland Strip entertainment center, and it’s our goal to clean up the streets and make it more visually appealing to improve the quality of life for residents and students.”

The Daily News - July 6, 2018


The man behind University of Memphis' economic engine

“Our role is critical to economic development in this region,” said Ted Townsend, the new chief economic officer at U of M.

The Commercial Appeal - June 30, 2018

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