University of memphis

Founded in 1912, The University of Memphis is the premier anchor institution for the University Neighborhoods. The U of M works closely with UNDC to coordinate economic and neighborhood development that will benefit the surrounding communities and its 25,000+ students, faculty, and staff.


economic development growth engine (edge)

EDGE’s mission is to provide and coordinate public resources to drive economic development in Memphis and Shelby County. EDGE does this through ongoing economic activities and projects that provide real value to the community and provide a strong foundation for future economic growth.


shelby county DIVISION of planning and development

The Division of Planning and Development (DPD) is a joint agency that serves both the City of Memphis and Shelby County government. Its mission includes the development of plans and programs that result in thriving and livable neighborhoods, predictable and transparent land use permitting processes and enhanced economic development opportunities.




The UDBA is a nonprofit organization formed to directly support the interests of commercial properties located along the Highland Strip and Walker Avenue. Member businesses participate collectively to address issues such as security, litter abatement, and parking.

university district, inc.

UDI serves the interests of residents of the eight neighborhoods that surround the University of Memphis, collectively known as the University District. Whereas the UNDC represents mostly commercial and economic redevelopment priorities, the UDI is a trade association of neighborhood leaders. The organization serves to address matters ranging from blight and crime reduction to the careful deliberation of development decisions that reshape our skyline and define quality of life. UDI stimulates civic engagement 'in between crises' by offering social programming and community service project opportunities year round, sponsoring events and serving as trustee for community-owned properties for gardening or sports and leisure.