Hospitality Hub Work Local Partnership

In 2018, UNDC partnered with Hospitality Hub to expand the Work Local program to the University District. Work Local is an innovative program designed to improve our community through job access and blight reduction by transporting job-seeking panhandlers to clean-up sites, where they work to reduce urban blight. In exchange, workers are provided a day's wages, a meal, and additional services or counseling as needed.

In collaboration with a diverse set of stakeholders, including The University of Memphis, Keep Tennessee Beautiful, Loeb Properties, and several neighborhood associations, the UNDC is spearheading the project in the University District. The partnership is consistent with UNDC's mission of building a thriving campus and community environment, free of litter and blight.

University District Litter and Blight Dashboard

Items removed from UD streets by the
Work Local partnership since June 29, 2018.


Bags of Litter






Walker Avenue Streetscape Enhancements

Walker Avenue runs adjacent to the University of Memphis campus and features several businesses frequented by students. The UNDC wanted streetscape enhancements to encourage pedestrian and bicycle activity while also increasing multimodal safety from passing vehicles. 

A2H developed a pedestrian-oriented Master Plan and design for Walker Avenue. Phase 1 of the project covers 820 feet of Walker Avenue. A new pedestrian plaza created a central focal point of the enhanced area. Street-side parking was modified to angled entry to help separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Other improvements in the first phase include the replacement of existing sidewalks with ADA access and limitation of curb cuts for easier pedestrian access to businesses.

The UNDC obtained a $529,436 Transportation Enhancement grant from TDOT for this project.

Aerial Photos: Before | After